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For me, one of the things that is most rewarding about being a photographer and a part of the local photographic community is the sense of ‘community over competition’.  Since I first decided to pick up my camera and make a serious attempt to build my skills, I’ve been welcomed into the community by other photographers with open arms.

One of the people who has been the most influential in my development as an artist is Steph from Taylor Clark Photography.  One of the most naturally creative and talented people that I’ve ever met, she has built herself a fantastically successful photography business and has been recognized as one of the Top 30 Under 30 photographers.

Each time that I get the opportunity to work with Steph, I always come away with just a little bit more creativity and a renewed love for my chosen art.

Recently, Steph photographed John and Alex’s wedding at an Irish castle.  The images she came home with are absolutely stunning.  Alex and John are an amazing couple who themselves just drip creativity.  Steph recently arranged for them to model for us at a fantastic local location that features a decrepit factory and warehouse.  The combination of this ridiculously good-looking and fashionable couple and this decaying location produced some amazing images.